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It's our fundamental belief that creativity is the most powerful force in business.

Printplus founded in 2010 with focus on providing integrated solutions in the field of printed communication. The company using modern technologies and practices, provide value services to companies and organizations that attempt to distinguish themselves from competitors.

We fully believe in the power of creativity to touch hearts, change minds and build brands. It’s why we exist to create surprising and original ideas that deliver outstanding results. In a world where people have become the most influential media channel, our mission is to create and develop ideas that consumers want to play with, participate in and pass along. Our job, as it has always been, is to give them something that they willingly want to share.

by Joe Youssef – Owner

Why work with us?

Teamwork - Efficency - Satisfaction

The enduring passion for finding new, differentiated proposals in any printed communication, coupled with effective operating procedures ensure that every project is always produced according to the exact specifications, with absolute consistency, creativity and professionalism, providing the maximum value to our customers.

We implement innovative solutions at all stages of production, we listen to your needs, we implement your suggestions and we can propose ideas to reach the best possible outcome for your business.

At Printplus we managed to acquire a large number of satisfied partners from all sectors of the market, which is growing, demonstrating the high quality of our services. Furthermore, our clients trust us, not only because we have the most complete equipment and the necessary know-how, but mainly because we love our work and treat them with respect.

What we do


We provide different printing methods and technical implementations tailored to fit the needs of a project or client.

Silkscreen Printing
Silk screen printing is a cost effective way to carry your message to your consumers. it can be done on different type of textiles. Silk screen printing is the economical choice when you are going to print large quantities.

Digital Printing
The growth of digital printing technology has brought technical advancements, more options, and exciting new features to today’s commercial printing. It’s a fast and effective solution to your outdoor and indoor needs

UV Printing
UV printing is a unique method of digital printing utilising ultraviolet (UV) light to dry or cure ink, adhesives or coatings almost as soon as it’s hit the paper, or aluminium, foam board or acrylic – in fact, as long as it fits in the printer, the technique can be used to print on almost anything.

Promotional Items
Promotional items are items dressed up with your company’s name, logo, contact information or any message you want to deliver to current or potential customers. Promotional items are kept and used for a longer time.

Vinyl Print & Cut
A vinyl cutter is a very profitable and useful tool to create eye-catching graphics with speed and precision. Applications include vehicle graphics, indoor and outdoor signs, labels, etc…

Printing Services
We provide Scanning, Photocopy, Printout, Binding, Lamination,  Posters & CAD Maps Printings etc…

by Joe Youssef – Owner